"America First"

Photograph triptych with Ryan Weston Shook a.k.a. SABER

The Trump Administration's "America First" places the United States anywhere but.

Trump's decision to distance the United States from the Paris Climate Accord was described by Michael C. Moynihan of VICE News as "a powerful visualization of how Trump's America First agenda is bringing its competitors closer to each other."

It is now more than ever that we as Americans need to stand together in unity, this administration's actions do not represent the will of the people. We want our children's future to be brighter than our present. It is our duty to secure that potential and pave the way with our actions in this distressing time.

We stand for a brighter, better tomorrow and we hope that you will stand by our side, resisting regression and fighting oppression. As we move forward, we would like to stay in touch with you about our public projects.

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